Alcohol Management Policy

This policy provides the basis for the responsible use of alcohol by the St Bedes/Mentone Tigers AFC and is seen as fundamental to the aims of the Club.

good sports logoThe club recognises the importance of holding a liquor licence, enabling it to generate income and hold social functions. In doing so however, we accept the responsibilities and expectations of the community in adhering to liquor licensing laws and the criteria of the Good Sports program.  To ensure the aims of the club are upheld and that alcohol is managed responsibly by the club and its members, the following requirements will apply when alcohol is served at the club or during a club function.



 Serving Alcohol

Alcohol will be served according to the legal and moral requirements of the club’s Liquor Licence with the safety and well being of patrons the priority.

Intoxicated Patrons

Underage Drinking

Alcohol Alternatives

Safe Transport

The Club has a (separate) Safe Transport Policy that is reviewed regularly in conjunction with this Alcohol Management Policy.


The Club has a (separate) Smoke-Free Policy that is reviewed regularly in conjunction with this Alcohol Management Policy.

Club Trips

The Club will monitor and ensure any club trips, particularly end of season player trips, strictly adhere to responsible behaviour and alcohol consumption in accordance with the principles of this policy and the aims of the club.

Non Compliance

Committee Policy Management

The presence of committee members is essential to ensure the operation of the bar and compliance with this policy. At least two committee members who are RSA trained are required to be present at all club functions when the bar is open. Key responsibilities of the duty committee members are to:

Policy Promotion

The Club will promote the alcohol management policy regularly by:

The Club recognises the importance of educating club members, particularly players, about the benefits of an alcohol management policy and will endeavour to provide information to assist this process.

The Club will actively participate in the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program with an ongoing priority to maintain Level 3 accreditation.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.