As the pre-Christmas training period draws to a close, the club wishes to make some announcements to all our players, potential players, committee and supporters.

First, our final pre-Christmas training session will be held Wednesday 19 December 2018 commencing at 6.15pm at Brindisi Street. The coaching staff invites all players who have trained already during this pre-Christmas period and those who might be interested in playing (whether seniors, reserves, thirds, Under 19s), to come down for our final session before the Christmas break up. There will be a short training session, followed by a BBQ and drinks.

Second, training commences post Christmas on Monday 21 January 2019 commencing at 6:00pm at Brindisi Street, followed by Wednesday training on 23 January 2019. Training will then occur on the Monday and Wednesday thereafter. In the month of February, there will be additional optional sessions for players in specialised areas who wish to focus on certain areas of their development.

Third, the club and coaching staff wish to applaud the dedication and commitment of those who have trained or assisted during this pre-Christmas period. The sense of fun, enthusiasm and commitment that this group has already built over the past six weeks has been infectious. There was no better evidence of this than with last week’s training sessions when on the Monday night there were in excess of 50 players on the track, and then again on the Wednesday night having over 100 people attended the leadership session hosted by senior coach Michael Hazell with our guest speaker Kevin Sheedy. In addition to this, players volunteered to conduct another week of training this week. The success of this pre-Christmas period places the club in a strong position to put its best foot forward in season 2019 across all of our teams.

Fourth, during the Christmas break we strongly urge all players who have attended training already and/or those who have not attended and intend playing in season 2019, to complete the running program designed by our Fitness and Conditioning team, headed by Dan Maitland. Players should feel free to contact Dan Maitland direct if they need any guidance and assistance in relation to this.

Finally, the club and committee thank everyone for their support of the club (including previous coaches and administration) and wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.

We look forward to an enjoyable and successful 2019.

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