17 BBQ Champs 04Bunnings Mentone BBQ 3rd June

Thank you to all those wonderful club members who offered their services last Saturday to man the BBQ facilities at Bunnings. It was difficult to get many there at first as it was a game day for seniors and U/19’s. However we had an outstanding result nearly $2900 in sales and a tidy profit for our club. It was full on all day and I appreciate those who stayed longer than planned.

I especially would like to thank Mark Dance, Mark Tyquin, Katrina Wieringa, Peter O’Brien , Andrew Pettinella, Fiona Lawrence, Brad Rowswell, Cathy Bowyer, Paula Alexander, Paul Grimshaw, Doreen Denny ,Stacey Murray, Travis Ryan and daughter Charlotte and Sue Kane.

Special thanks goes to Bill at Mentone Bakery always supportive, John Meyer, Tim Beasley and Peter Davis for their guidance and energy. 


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