Lawrenece FamilyIt is with overwhelming sadness that our club records the loss of an outstanding, beautiful man.

Trevor contributed in many roles over almost two decades but will best be remembered as a mentor to many at our club especially our juniors throughout the grades and more recently assisting our girl’s and women’s teams.

Trevor simply loved being at the club, and club members loved him. He was an enthusiastic parent who put his hand up to any request to volunteer. Trevor worked tirelessly for both Will and Harry’s teams as either a Trainer, Team Manager, Runner, Boundary Umpire and Goal Umpire right up to the Under 19’s.

He helped at all club social occasions, was the rock behind Fiona’s sponsorship efforts and assisted her with the girls' team coaching. Trevor never sought accolades or recognition, always preferring the support to be quiet but constant for the community and club he loved.

Trevor championed Fiona in all of her club endeavours and supported her with patience time and the love required to do volunteer work, countless hours to keep the club moving forward.

He treated everyone with respect regardless of age gender or ability and carried his life with dignity and grace. If ever there was someone feeling at a loss or without someone to talk to Trev would always give his time and full attention.

The club has been blessed with Trevor's involvement. He played a significant role in our growth as a community club, both on and off the field and we wish to record our heartfelt thanks.

Sincere condolences to Fiona and family members.

The celebration of Trevor’s life will be held at St Patrick’s Church Childers Street Mentone on Friday 1 November commencing 2pm and afterwards at St Patrick’s Tennis Club corner Childers Street and Warrigal Road Mentone.

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